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What Is An Orthodontist?

Is dental implantation safe and are they durable?

It would be correct to say that implants and implantation process are quite safe, well tested,and quite durable. So long as you take good care of your implant it will be as healthy and durable as your natural teeth. The way you care about your teeth, your regularity with your routine examinations will have great importance regarding implants durability. In case of a neglect your dental care post implantation process, a layer would be developed around dental area that is alike to the natural teeth. If your implants are left unexamined and untreated it may result in bleeding, sore teeth, gum infection and inconvenience in your daily life, for sure these also may happen with your own natural teeth as well. Well taken care implants would last many years if the bone they are planted is both strong and healthy. However, like other surgical dental implants (e.g., hip replacement) there isn’t a lifetime guarantee.

I still have my own natural teeth; do I qualify for dental implants?

Answer is yes. Dental implants can replace any number teeth ranging from a single tooth to a complete set.

Is it always possible to replace missing teeth with implants?

It depends on the case of your bone in your jaw. The dentist will lay out a set of tests to determine the number bones that are still present there. In a situation that you don’t have required number of bones and/or if they are not in a healthy condition then grafting your bone would be a necessity.

Does it hurt?

Planting an implant is usually easier when we compare it to pulling a tooth out especially since we conduct the procedure by simply applying local anesthesia. During operation you will not suffer pain, however, it is quite normal to experience slight inconvenience for a week post operation. In some certain cases, you might be sedated if you feel anxious or the case is complicated. General anesthesia is not preferred in most cases and is only applied in complicated situations.

How long does this treatment take on average?

The dentist will inform you about the average time that treatment is going require on average before it starts. Often, your permanent false teeth are fitted around 3 to 4 months post dental implantation process. Some teeth can also be fitted simultaneously with your implants, these are called “immediate implants”. However, you must be examined by your dentist whether you qualify for them or not. From time to time, your treatment may take longer than expected, in such case, your dentist will inform you about the period of time.

How should I follow my aftercare routine?

The dentist will explain your aftercare procedure regarding your implants. You may be given  painkillers to suppress unwanted pain post surgery.

What comes next after operation?

When implants are placed the jawbone will form a connection and join with them. It usually takes a few months. Sometimes, your implants might be strong enough when they are attahed to the false teeth, in this case, it takes less time. There may be a temporary denture If you are getting 1-3 teeth replaced. If you have full dentures, wearing them pose no problem while your implants are healing. Your dentures would need alteration to make them fit in a proper form post surgery and a “healing cap” is often planted around dental implant area for protection purposes.

How hard is it to clean dental implants?

It is not. You should also not forget that aftercare is quite essential for durable implants. Your dentist will be sharing details about how to apply aftercare to your implants. Cleaning around your implant is as easy as your natural teeth. Although, there might be spots that are hard to reach and for this you will be informed as well.

Is my gum disease going to persist even if I get implant?

Yes. If aftercare is poor, diseases may persist. However, with proper treatment and examinations by your dentist, it should not be a problem. If you are smoking, you should pay extra attention to your implants.

Is it okay if I get my tooth pulled out when I have my implant?

Teeth attached to implants must only be pulled out by the dentist. If your dentures are removable, you may take them out for cleaning purposes.

Are dental implants placed for every missing tooth?

If it is only one tooth missing, an implant is required to support it only. However, if you are missing multiple teeth next to each other, supporting implants are possible for each tooth in this case. In some cases, an implant may support more than a single tooth, your dentist will inform you.

What happens if I experience an accident?

Dental implants and teeth may get damaged in an accident the same way natural teeth can. It is essential to wear mouth protection if you are involved in any type of sports that requires contact. If it is just the teeth that is damaged, they can be replaced. If it is implant itself and in an irrecoverable state, your dentist will leave it in the jaw in case it is hard to remove, and another implant will be planted.

What if my implant does not join with the bone?

It is a very rare situation. In this case, if implant becomes unstable while healing or after, it is taken out and your jaw will recover in a normal state. After your jaw is healed, either a new implant is placed, or your dentist connects a bridge which fits to the implanted false teeth which are taken.

Where is my treatment going to happen?

It is highly important to choose the right clinic for the treatment. A clinic with experienced doctors and specialists would be the most ideal option. Always remember to ask what the treatment does, how experienced the dentist is, operation cost, warranty time and alternatives. Don’t forget to ask for a treatment plan which has guarantee service.


Orthodontics may be a part of your care for other dental issues. If you lose teeth due to gum disease or cavities, your remaining teeth may shift out of place. Straightening them with braces before receiving other treatments, such as dental implants, helps you achieve the best possible results. Read more about our dental medicine services.

Many different types of appliances, both fixed and removable, are used to help move teeth, retrain muscles and affect the growth of the jaws.

What are the differences between conventional implants and All-on-4 dental implants?

In All-on-4 method only 4 implants are planted to each arch, on the other hand, conventional method suggests using implants ranging from 6 to 8 and sometimes even more depending on the situation. Since our implants are planted at an angle, they also ease the process by increasing the contact through a natural support from your bone. As there is no need for bone graft during treatment for most of our patients that is highly common for conventional implantation processes thus you will be saving money, time and for sure your happiness
What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is the most practical way of healing your tooth loss and major decays in general. Thanks to high quality titanium, our implants are perfected to serve as permanent solutions for your tooth loss due to support and stability they add their high durable nature.

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    Karen Wall
    Cannot fault this clinic for dental…

    Cannot fault this clinic for dental treatment,the clinic was spotlessly clean, Dara and his team was absolutely amazing couldn’t do enough for you and really put you at ease and explain everything in detail before they begin your treatment.
    I would highly recommend this clinic and the hotel they put you up in is really nice an clean the staff there are so good an professional at helping you with anything you needed, thank you so much happydent you really have changed my life for the better.

    Carl Birkenshaw
    The best services pain free for implants

    Worried about travelling to another country to get surgery, my fears disappeared as soon as I had my consultation and saw the quality of service and cleanliness within the surgery, I had nine implants and crowns.
    No pain at all throughout the surgery, the best of all all surgery was completed within one week, no need to travel back to Turkey for a second procedure over the moon with the end result

    Graeme Houghton
    Happy Dent Turkey

    I had my work done in December 21, I was a little worried about going all that way for quite a lot of work but I needn’t have worried, the whole experience was excellent and 24 crowns, six implants and a bridge later my teeth look amazing, and all the time completely pain free ,and all finished within a week.
    The dental surgeon and all staff are excellent, I would definitely recommend this practice.

    Beth Stevenson
    Amazing service for a new smile

    Had my teeth done in Antalya after a recommendation from a friend. And what can I say, I was so pleased with the service from start to finish. They reassured me through the whole process. This was all done within one week. I had 6 implants top & bottom then crowns cemented on top. They are so professional and polite helping with any questions you have. Everything was so good from the clinic down to the hotel we stayed in. Derya who looked after me was amazing & so helpful. I would highly recommend. They are even there for you once your home to answer any questions you may have also. Thank you so much for my new smile xx

    Ireneusz Sowinski
    New Smile in Antalya

    Hi, I would like to share my experience at ‘Happy Dent’, Antalya, I am amazed at how in such a short period of time (one week) I got a new smile. I am incredibly happy with them and would like to thank each and every member of the team for being over all very patient, polite and kind from the second I got there. I didn’t worry at alk and I highly recommend them in Antalya, Turkey. Also, I would like to add that I’m very impressed with how my ten implants and twenty six crowns turned out and look. Thank you so much once again.

    Daniel Moughton
    I have 28 crowns and 4 implants fitting

    I have 28 crowns and 4 implants fitting in the week while I was there, to say I was a bit worried to go on my own is an understatement.
    But the staff and surgeon all made me feel welcome and safe at the clinic and the transfers just topped it all off as I had no worries about finding my own way or missing an appointment.
    I was in regular contact with Derya who was my contact so I got kept up to date with how everything was going and When my crowns would be ready to be fitted and how I was feeling on a daily basis.
    I am very happy with my new teeth and love how everyone is noticing them and only giving good comments which makes me smile even more

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